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The popularity of recycled rubber mulch products has increased dramatically since their introduction years ago. Their unique characteristics have helped them gain broad market acceptance from both individual homeowners and commercial users big and small.

Ohio Rubber Mulch now offers recycled rubber mulch products that will allow you to spend more time enjoying your landscape, playground, or arena surfaces and less time maintaining them. Learn more about the value, beauty, environmental benefits and safety of our Ohio Rubber Mulch and Ohio recycled rubber mulch products.

recycled rubber mulch and rubber lawn & garden mulchOhio Rubber Mulch products are made from 100% recycled rubber that meets the highest standards of excellence, cleanliness and safety. Our recycled rubber mulch, comes in several bright colors and is guaranteed to be longer lasting then all other mulches. Ohio Rubber Mulch provides dependable fall protection under swings and slides, and in all your playground areas. Recycled rubber mulch exceeds woodchip, sand or any alternative in safety, purity and durability. And because color protection is built-in, it won't wash off or wear away offering an added level of defense that lasts for the life of all New York colored rubber mulch products!

As one manufacturing source of playground rubber, Ohio Rubber Mulch is quickly becoming a leading in recycled safety surfaces. Increased demand has attracted new suppliers and Ohio Rubber Mulch has experience which sets us apart from our competitors in four special ways:

  • We DO provide consistent high quality in our products
  • We DO design our products to meet or exceed the highest safety standards
  • We DO give our customers the best value for their dollar
  • We DO provide several convenient methods of purchase and delivery

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Ohio Rubber Mulch has dealers throughout the states of Ohio, Missouri, Connectict, Illinois and into New York. Making it easy to find a Rubber Mulch dealer near you!

Ohio Rubber Mulch
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